Petro Technology 

is a dynamically developing company that combines the experience and knowledge of employees and high-quality products supplied by our organization. In any decision that we offer to the client, we are guided by the principle - Quality is paramount!


    Nowadays, the main business areas of the Company are supplies of screens for the shale shakers of different brands and models, solids control equipment and chemicals for drilling fluids. Guided by the principle of “Quality is a highest priority paramount!”, our experienced specialists conducted an audit of a number of manufacturers of shale shaker screens in China and selected the best one of them, which became the partner of our company, whose products we are delivering.

    This is very important that Petro Technology supplies replacement screens for different solids control equipment. That approach gives to our clients alternative options in choosing products for their equipment. 

    In the field of supplying chemicals, we are pleased to offer our customers premium quality materials for drilling wells in offshore projects, wells with large step out of vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells, and chemicals of optimum quality for high volume projects. Petro Technology also have opportunity to produce materials for specific customer requirements (parameters, price range) of the chemical.


Turning to our company, you get the best!