Drilling fluids chemicals

The Сompany "Petro Technology» offer to everyone to buy chemicals for drilling mud. These components are used to regulate the parameters of drilling fluids, improve the quality of drilling and efficiency of wellbore cleaning.

 So, in our catalog you will find chemical reagents for drilling fluids, with which you can solve problems of varying complexity:

  • emulsifier for the rapid creation  of direct and inverse emulsions;
  • lubricant additive for efficient drilling of wells of various profiles;
  • filtration reducer to increase the stability of the emulsion and microbridging of unstable shale rocks;
  • free stuck pipe additive to prevent sticking of the shaker screens and the formation of clay balling;
  • block mixture for workover wells;
  • a humate reagent for stabilizing water based drilling fluids;
  • hydrogen sulfide neutralizer;
  • washing buffer for removing paraffin and bitumen deposits;
  • bridging agent.

The specialists of Petro Technology are ready to help you to understand such a wide range and select the suitable chemical agent for drilling fluids. They will answer any questions and will explain the technical features of each composition.